Gender Equality




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The Past Can Only be the Past if There is a Present

The project was developed in order to address gender based violence phenomenon, widely spread in Europe and Caucasus counties.

The project included two mobility activities. During the first meeting participants improved their knowledge about gender based violence, they explored new non-formal methods to work on the topic and prepared one day workshop and different actions and they developed in their home country after the training course;


On the second meeting, participants came back together and shared their experience from their home activities they organized, they worked on future cooperation. This meeting developed youth workers further competencies for promoting gender equality and encouraging young women active participation in local community, in order to enhance their equal opportunities in different spheres;


It was created the page for the organizations working on human rights education, gender equality, gender based violence prevention, young women’s rights, youth LGBT rights to exchange experience, knowledge and best practices of gender based violence prevention ways.


“9 steps in working for gender equality and young women empowerment in order to take active part in Europe 2020 strategy and which promotes quality youth work to this direction.

9 Steps for Gender Equality

9 Steps for Gender Equality

9 Steps for Gender Equality